I dream of a future where the animals take the best parts of technology from us and evolve far enough along to clean up the derelict strip malls and plastic water bottle islands. A time when we are encouraged to talk with the nesting robins stealing earth worms from the garden beds while marking time with the motion of the moon.

You see one day very soon (oh so soon) we are all going to be interacting with robots daily though often not able to discern if they are robots or if they are human. Frightening. The streamlined efficiency this mechanized intelligence will bring to commerce will be counter weighted heavily against the metaphysical crisis imposed upon our human psyche. Senses distrusted fail our rational; Hume laughs. Newfound neurosis occupying newfound leisure.

Yet this omniscient interconnected pan-cognizant future will also allow us to realize everyone bleeds and loves and laughs the exact same way and though dogma might cause us to dye our cloth differently that is no reason to kill each other. And so I dream of this world, when elephants tweet about good water holes and mud baths and us humans share space with the bees.

A painting of a futurisic sandhill crane with space suit type breathing apparatus featuring a giant sequoia in a bottle as oxygen producer standing in a made up desert scene of mesas.


Portrait painting is a great meditation on empathy for me. I observe someone when creating one, so, so deeply. I fall into every shape and plane of a face and each coor and shadow becomes an old friend. I see time and space and life stretched over the face bones and eyes glowing bright right back at me. I fall away into someones world for a moment and find a second universe close to my heart.

A realistic painting of the 96 year old Julia Prudencia Caballero Ortiz. She is looking forward and centered in the painting.

A realistic painting of my friend Michael.

Cydney is on the left looking magestic and Val is on the right learning forward.

A portrait of Shawn whom stares straight into the viewers eyes.  The painting is painted in a most realisitic styele.