Kyle Parker Cunningham

Multidisciplinary artist and human being.

I work in diverse media and often in long series where each individual work layers on top of the rest. The inter-webs of the information revolution have fundamentally changed the way we experience reality. No longer linear it is constantly happening all around us, touching the individual from all corners of the globe.

But is it so new this layered existence. I wander often the wild corners of the American Southwest and I see evidence of layered, interconnected lives drawn upon the choicest rock walls and alcoves.

Working towards something far off and unknown and yet so so succinct.


The art falls spills from my mind like a full glass. It’s compulsive and I don’t always know what it means.

I try to capture as much of my mind as possible. This is not always possible – the mind is a complicated mess, but from the myriad creations a story can be teased.

My art is all interconnected. I’ve experimented extensively in how to display it, so that each piece interacts with those surrounding it. I think of my work as emojis, hieroglyphics, or the ancient cave art. It’s an expression of my whole world, thrown down, tangled up, rearranged and free form associated. It’s only through viewing it together do you find a sense of who I am as a person and what I experience in this world.

As a human in contemporary USA I’m recording my experience and the places my imagination travels to in order to find solace in this crazy time.

Work Overview

A sampling of videos work I have done.

Preludes and Etudes

Jeannie I create art. This is how we do it.


Site Specific Installatin, Las Cruces New Mexico

Field Theory

Mural Truth or Consequences, New Mexico

Bison Container

Mural Truth or Consequences, New Mexico

Blue Corn

Intaglio Drypoin Print

The Crystal Hammer

Oil on Canvas