The art: painting // printmaking // sculpture // installations // adornment

The art falls spills from my mind like a full glass. It’s compulsive and I don’t always know what it means.

I try to capture as much of my mind as possible. This is not always possible – the mind is a complicated mess, but from the myriad creations a story can be teased.

My art is all interconnected. I’ve experimented extensively in how to display it, so that each piece interacts with those surrounding it. I think of my work as emojis, hieroglyphics, or the ancient cave art. It’s an expression of my whole world, thrown down, tangled up, rearranged and free form associated. It’s only through viewing it together do you find a sense of who I am as a person and what I experience in this world.

As a human in contemporary USA I’m recording my experience and the places my imagination travels to in order to find solace in this crazy time.