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Colorado Marble
150 lbs
Summer 2019 - Present

In Progress

Some molecules just exist.

Over in Europe the big atom smasher has allowed human knowledge to understand subatomic particles might be either matter or antimatter and effortlessly shift between those states. We don’t even really know what this means, sure there are ideas, but we are yet again at the we know we don’t know something phase. Perennially inquisitive.

Some molecules are banal.

We’ve been locked into our minds for these months now just peeking out, here and there, attempting to relearn our old fears after spending such a moment fearing a particular configuration of molecules. We are not so sure how to reattach ourselves into the collective story of our civilizations; what remains of the old and what is built fresh is on everyone’s mind. Only the details of the present remain to be manipulated; the past and the future are known - we were all once and will again be molecules arranged in a different but totally unique arrangement.

Some molecules change your life.

This molecule is still in progress as I’m at a moment of choice: do I polish this form or do I push further into the stone. I’m paralyzed with this choice and so I’ve sat with this molecule for a year now and now it will sit here with you for a bit. I carved this molecule directly, that is, I had no plan to begin with, I simply started making cuts into the stone and after some time this molecule appeared to my mind and my hands brought it to reality. So now I sit, listen, wait until suddenly the path will be evident and this molecule will be perfect.

Some molecules are both one thing and another.

This stone is made of sunlight powered plankton compacted and then heated deep in our earth quarried to the surface carved carefully by my hands and now here this stone steps back into the sunlight from which it came.

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