I experienced my first injury this year and this changed my world forever. I became singularily focused on that which is most important to me – tell my stories through art.

To this point I had spent much time in serious research in a myriad different subjects. That all came to an abrupt end in August of 2018 when I realized that I time does in fact apply to me and I had better focus my energies if I really want to accomplish what I want to accomplish.

It’s easy to to use the excuse of learning and research to keep away from dedicated focus on one area. We are all, in fact, capable of doing anything we set our mind too. There is a nearly endless catalog of examples of this and I’ve proven it to myself over and over and over.

But just because one is able to do soemthign doesn’t mean that is the best use of time. Sometimes it’s best to pare down and focus one’s energy on a singular goal. Focus, breathe, focus.

I learned this particular lesson in the year of 2018. Upon reflection I believe the chronic weirdness of my right knee is worth having learned this lesson.