I work in a wide range of areas all of which are more or less related to art.

I made the decision quite some time ago to dedicate my time to communicating ideas between human beings with a strong empathy for nature.

If I’m honest about my intentions with art then it’s obvious the finished piece of Art shares in importance with how I got there. They are intertwined and each should be celebrated.

Art, is but experimentation and investigations into ones interest. Those interests are myriad in us all and by giving license to delve deep we grow the most.

The following are projects I’ve created.



Monsoon hovering; bored on the horizon.

Prelude: It’s been some years now that I’ve been in the desert and it’s motions have solidified in my veins pulsing with blinding white intensity. The suns up high hanging on the horizon pushing the ground towards a certain level of dryness impossible to describe to those in more damp climes. And so it is of no surprise the rain is on the mind often. Climate nudges at the mind and polishes our tendency shaping our moods. Mostly these years have been about time and focus and memory and objects.

Raindance will reach fruition in the fall of October 2019 when the notes from this project are collected and printed in a book. You can see the online version of this project here.

The feeling of waiting for the rain.

Confusion looms on the horizon. Mirages and dirt devils. The dry, tacky sensation of dirt on the tounge in mid afternoons desert heat; the insatiable dusty inferno of a mouth you can’t seem to hydrate fully. It’s inscruciable.

I started growing food in my yard and I started to watch the sky. Corn taught me to cherish the monsoon, heavy clouds laden with life hugging the mountain tops to the west. The great expanse of the Gila drifting for hundreds of miles until dropping abruptly to the floor of the Sonoran desert. Those clouds, ever stuck to that spine of the continental divide called the Black Range.

The summer drifts on and a few rains come. The corn grows slightly taller; the sun seems amused by the struggle.

It’s easy for me in this modern life to wax poetic about the rain, think that it matters and when it doesn’t show up I turn on the hose.

Dryland farmers though suffered and died by the rain. Starving children would make you really really curse the sky.


Exploring the way in which imagery relates to itself: think the Lascaux Cave paintings, graffiti, emojis, Times Square, a pile of periodicals, one artist’s oeuvre or the fire hose of imagery which is the internet.

Learn more about Tomorrow.

Elephant Nest

Since 2011 Jeannie Ortiz and I have been creating an artists habitat in sunny Truth or Consequences, New Mexico. All aspects of what it takes to live in new millenium USA have been explored – from housing to food production. We started out answering the question of how to arrange our life in order to produce art. We walked away with a worldwide community.

Desert Archaic

A strange amalgam of community art space, studio, gallery and listening room. Magical to the core.

Mushroom Palace

A remote Colorado mountain top which is slowly being transformed via the installation of art projects. This is a life long project.


Our existence on earth is but the blink of an eye. Our individual thoughts are the wings of a butterfly – they never really happened, but yet, they did. Ephemera is an exploration of these fleeting creations in my mind. Through constant recording of the imagery that appears in front of me I might in the long term begin to understand the modulations of the way my mind thinks.


When I was but small my ambition was to be an adventurer and to this day I am at my heart an adventurer.

Adventure is everywhere when you open your eyes to this fact. Sometimes these take the form multiyear wanders through India. Other times they are a walk to the closest store.


We’ve got to eat because we’ve got to eat. There is a lot of creativity to be had in finding interesting ways of feeding one’s self.