Everything I’ve Made (an attempt, thereof)

I started in earnest to organize and catalog the artifacts I’ve created in 2017. I had this overwhelming sensation that year of time and it’s constant, monatanous and relentless roll forward. The way my brain experiences time seemed to radically change in that year. I believe going back over what I have created became a way to try to understand how my memory works.

Here I’m creating the past that I remember now; long after most of the moments were experienced. I’m codifying my own mythology. I’m searching my own archives for whatever information I can uncover, wrapping it all together and making up my own history.

This new history – the one that I remember in a certain way which is often the way I want to talk about it – now has it’s sway over my future. We are all collectively living our own histories on a daily basis. I’m curious what happens to my own view as I dive into my personal archives.

This is a work in progress, it is, after all, my own personal oeuvre.

Kindly Note: If you have a piece of my work and would like me to note it’s in your collection please do, get in touch. Likewise, if you have a piece of my work that is not listed here please inform me about it. As with all histories things are lost and then found again.


Twenty nineteen is the first year I created the archive as it happened, it is, therefore the point from which this story will really begin. Everything will be working it’s way either to or from this time, but that is fitting as this is the year I finally began to understand how to live life.

the 2019 archive


the 2018 archive


the 2017 archive