Future perfect anomalies.

The ants will probably be O.K. in that future perfect scenario.  I'm guessing contingency plans are already in place.  

Winches. Now that was a giant leap forward for the ants.  

The space helmet is necessary for that particular moment in time, again, obligatory spontaneous evolution of the mind. They some how have this technology, I'm not really sure but it feels like it could happen.  

Everywhere you look the ants are working and testing our limits.  What do you think they are doing down in those caverns of magic and alchemy?

My guess: boiling up some A. Muscaria to leach away to amatoxins, pickling said cleansed mushrooms and then canning them up for the winter.  Oh and probably inventing jet packs while soaking in sub teranian hot springs late at night.  

A. Muscaria
Acrylic on found panel
14 x 28 inches (approximate)

Private Collection

Numerous paintings displayed on a wall in a tight fitting abstract pattern.
A. Muscaria installed as part of Tomorrow.
A large number of paintings arranged in a pyramid shape on a large blank wall.
Pyramid installation in 2019 by Kyle Parker Cunningham