I paint the life I live.

A self portrait by Kyle Parker Cunningham gazing left wearing a yellow knit hat, scarf and green shirt.
Self Portrat (2019)

Kyle Parker Cunningham (American)(b. 1983)
Taos & Truth or Consequences, New Mexico

Topics (alphabetical):

abstraction: meditations in paint
artist statement: what exactly am I up to
animism: acknowledging animals have intelligence and souls.
biography: third person look at my own life.
chronology: alternative personal history.
installations: the whole is bigger than the parts.
materials: the objects I use to create art.
portraiture: exploring why I paint people.  


Email: analogkyle@gmail.com
Phone: 575.519.4773
instagram & facebook: @kyleparkercunningham
mastodon: https://merveilles.town/@kpc

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