The Sand hill Crane.

Apocalyptic scavenger. They still wander the migrations paths of old and winter in the abundant Bosque del Apache along that ancient Rio Grande.  Now they collect artifacts from defunct spaceships, the detritus of the Spaceport and human hubris.  Good fodder, though, those spaceships with their top notch circuitry and magical fabrics.  All is appropriated in this new reality and anything is fair game.

What if all of nature is in some sort of suspended cargo cult, dizzy with anticipation of that moment when nature’s child Human Being’s technology becomes available to all living things on earth.  Nature, constantly pushing the limits of possibilities and ever creating new and interesting solutions to the complex problems of life.  Maybe we are just another tool in the toolbox of nature, a means to an end, a focus group working for a few hundred thousand years on the task of pushing the realms of intelligence so that other beings are able to in turn push the limits of intelligence.  Are the dolphins telling the spiders how to please us?  Is your pet cat informing a deadly coronavirus on your respiratory system’s weaknesses.

In this world is it really strange to imagine a Sandhill crane scavenging spaceships parts in order to make hazmat suit which taps a bonsai (giant) sequoia tree as it’s oxygen source?